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The Hayborough Opportunities Fund is a long only, small cap Australian Equities Fund. Typically, the fund is invested in a portfolio of 20-40 high quality, small to mid sized ASX listed equities.

The objective of the Fund is to provide investors with superior absolute returns over the long term by owning high quality companies run by passionate, trustworthy and intelligent leaders when there are differences between our estimate of underlying business value and the publicly traded price.

We believe that small to mid sized ASX listed companies exhibit a greater degree of pricing inefficiency over their larger counterparts, which can cause a large variation between a company’s trading price and our assessment of a company’s market value.


Investment Philosophy

The Hayborough Investment philosophy rests on both qualitative and quantitative factors in support of our overall goal of delivering superior absolute returns. Our core philosophy rests on our five pillars process which includes the following;


We invest in businesses and industries that we understand. By sticking to our circle of competence, we reduce the margin for error and hope to exhibit a deeper understanding of the business and its core earnings drivers.


We invest in operators and boards who think and act like true owners of the business, who exhibit a strong track record in creating value and who are aligned with shareholders via personal investments in their business.


We believe that often the best assets a business possesses are its people. We invest in businesses that exhibit a strong cultural advantage over their competitors, believing that motivated and engaged staff will drive repeat customers and subsequently, higher company returns.


We prioritise cash returns on capital employed and the ability for the company to reinvest those cashflows at high rates of return.


We employ a rigid valuation strategy that is all encompassing to include a wide range of valuation techniques as well as balance sheet flexibility.


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The fund is currently open to new investors. Our team have significant personal investments in the fund to align our interests with yours.


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